“On my mission to uncover pathways to health in my journey with depression and anxiety, I have worked with many great psychological practitioners.

I worked with Sorel through a series of tragic losses, including a sudden death in my immediate family, and together we navigated the issues and processed the grief to avoid clinical depression and the need for medication.

I have been amazed every time at Sorel’s ability to identify the core issues at play and guide me to a sound mental state; to guide me from struggling to flourishing. Every single session with Sorel has helped me shift problems I often thought were unshiftable. I have not experienced this 100% success rate with any other practitioner I’ve worked with.

In my sixteen years of searching for and working with practitioners who can really make a difference – in several major cities both in Australia and internationally – Sorel’s genuine care, insight and skill as a counselor is unparalleled.”  JM