Without Sorel, we wouldn’t have been able to navigate the journey as well as we did.  J

Without Sorèl

I’m proud of my progress physically but even more so mentally/emotionally. I’m so thankful that I chose to call on you for help. You were and are the perfect support and guidance!  A & J

The perfect support and guidance

Time Education and Training

“I was expecting the session to be informative and interesting, but life-changing and amazing was something I was not prepared for.

Listening to Sorel speak in regards to how she was feeling for the past 45+ years and the fact that she was not able to be her true self must have been a harrowing ordeal.

The stories that she shared and the videos that she showed us reduced us to tears.

As educators we feel that we are now equipped and better prepared should we need to support any child or family that may be going through their own journey.

Thank you Sorel, thank you for sharing your personal journey with us, I cannot wait to have you come back and educate more of my Early Childhood Educators.”

Life changing and amazing



“On my mission to uncover pathways to health in my journey with depression and anxiety, I have worked with many great psychological practitioners.

I worked with Sorel through a series of tragic losses, including a sudden death in my immediate family, and together we navigated the issues and processed the grief to avoid clinical depression and the need for medication.

I have been amazed every time at Sorel’s ability to identify the core issues at play and guide me to a sound mental state; to guide me from struggling to flourishing. Every single session with Sorel has helped me shift problems I often thought were unshiftable. I have not experienced this 100% success rate with any other practitioner I’ve worked with.

In my sixteen years of searching for and working with practitioners who can really make a difference – in several major cities both in Australia and internationally – Sorel’s genuine care, insight and skill as a counselor is unparalleled.”  JM

“She makes a difference”