The Gift of Inclusion

Many gender diverse people, know only too well how crushing what being excluded and rejected feels like, and sadly commonly so. This is because we often find ourselves in a world of own between the world of our gender assigned at birth and the world of our identifying gender.

In the gap between these two worlds is often the experience of loneliness and exclusion. The feeling of rejection often is the foundation that belies anxiety and depression that is, sadly, all too common amongtst gender diverse people.

All we want, is the privilege of belonging. For this reason, one of the most powerful, transformative and life-engabling gifts that a gender diverse person can experience is being included. You see, inclusion is the behaviour and the response that powerfully demonstrates the attitude of acceptance.

What gender diverse children, adolescents and adults want to hear are four powerful and healing words: “come and join us”. The smile on our faces and peace in our hearts will be gift, indeed, for us all.