One cohort of clients are close to my heart: adolescents. Being a teenager can often be a confusing and challenging transitional journey from being a child to becoming an adult. Maturity is a process that takes years, much as it does for my beloved dragonflies.

For the transgender youth, though, life can often be harder still. No only do they travel a transitional journey in age, but they must also traverse another identity mystery: gender. As a clinician, spending time with these special people is, for me, both gift and privilege. In my practice they are unconditionally loved, accepted and affirmed. Working with young people is quickly become a speciality in my practice.

When I saw the following comic in The Guardian the author spoke my own sentiments as well.

Chances are if you are reading this you might well be a transgender young person yourself, and my gift to you is simply this: know that you are loved, that you are okay, just as you are. You are perfect. Today, right now, perfect.

If you would like to give this as a gift to a special young person in your life you can buy a personally signed print from the artist here.

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