Today I had to have a bit of servicing on my rear differential (think about it – I’m not going to spell it out). Anyway, after the short procedure, I came to, was moved out of recovery into the discharge ward. I sat down in a recliner and given some fluids because the low BP kicked in again causing dizziness. Usual problem. 

No one else was in there.

So I put on my noise-cancelling headphones, and one of my French songs came on – I thought I was being quiet but it would appear this was not the case. I sang this beautiful Chanson Populaire, with my beautiful Bass-Baritone voice and because my eyes were closed, I thought I was alone. I was not. 

When I finished – a huge round of applause erupted and I opened my eyes. Standing and sitting around me were all nursing staff – and my surgeon. We all had a good laugh. It was the first time a patient had sung in French in the ward. Another stereotype about transgender people busted and everyone’s day was a little richer.

Being gender diverse: sometimes we change the world just by being our natural beautiful selves.

Here is what I was singing.

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