RMS Queen Elizabeth

Because floating is good!

All of us who are gender diverse in some way at time are hurt, not by being gender diverse, but by how society in general, and some others in particular, treat us. As someone who used to be a professional sailor I know all too well the importance of keeping the water out of the ship. All of us were taught the art of “shoring” which basically means when the ship is holed we jump right in and plug the hole with a system of wooden scaffolding. Staying afloat means staying alive.

Sometime, we who are gender diverse, get breached and the flooding begins. Before we know we can be up to necks in strife. The picture above is of RMS Queen Elizabeth on 9th of January, 1972 in Hong Kong Harbour. She had been set alight, flooded, and rolled onto her side and sank.

Stay strong and fix up the holes as they come along. Stay gentle too by being gentle with yourselves. We do not have hearts of steel but hearts of flesh.

Only those of us with hearts of flesh can change the world.

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