In FTM Magazine, Jason Robert Ballard wrote “OVER MY LIFE AS A TRANSGENDER MAN I have had moments I wish I could have said something to someone close to me but failed to. Until going back in time is an option, let’s move forward with a better understanding of things we wish we could tell our close friends and potential partners. If you’ve received this article from a friend, are they trying to tell you you’re guilty of one of these points? Potentially, or they just think it was a good read and you might enjoy it.

Ballard reflects about:

  1. You’re guilty by association
  2. “But you’ll always be _____ to me” hurts.
  3. Outing me can be extremely dangerous.
  4. My dysphoria isn’t your fault.
  5. “It isn’t the T”.
  6. How do those egg shells feel?
  7. Don’t date me despite me.
  8. What you say behind my back is what you really think of me.
  9. My pronouns mean a lot to me.
  10. Thank you! 

You can read the full article below. It is worth the read and you are encouraged to share it and to help you and others becombe better a Trans ally

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