A position statement by The Greens

Meeting the urgent housing needs for Trans, Gender Diverse and Non-binary people. 

Trans, Gender Diverse and Non-binary (TGD) people face high rates of discrimination in the housing and employment market, as well as barriers accessing appropriate healthcare and other public services.

TGD people also experience comparatively high rates of domestic and intimate partner violence. However, existing crisis accommodation services in Victoria cater largely to cisgender women and men, and TGD people escaping domestic and intimate partner violence are often placed at further risk accessing these services.

TGD people rely on peer networks to for support, advice and emergency accommodation, but due to discrimination and often having recently moved to the area, have reduced social and family networks.

Additionally, Trans people from around the country travel to Melbourne for gender reassignment surgery, as Melbourne is home to the only surgeon in the country who does this procedure. There is currently nowhere for people to stay after these procedures to receive crucial pre- and post-surgery care and peer support, and often people are forced to ‘couch surf’ before and after this procedure, which requires a large degree of medical aftercare.

The Greens will provide $3.1 million to establish an accommodation facility, community hub and health centre for Trans, Gender Diverse and Non-binary people in Northcote: 

  • A dual-wing accommodation facility, providing five beds of emergency and crisis accommodation, and five beds of outpatient accommodation
  • A drop-in centre and community hub to connect TGD people to services, information and resources, and peer support
  • The opportunity for healthcare providers to co-locate services for the TGD community at the facility

The facility would be operated for and by TGD people, and empower TGD people to strengthen, support and advocate for their own community, and be responsive to their specific needs.

Read our detailed plan here [PDF]

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