It was such a wonderful joy spending time with some of South Australia’s emerging LGBTIQ+ leaders and advocates for two days of training with The Equality Project.  The experience deepended my knowledge, I made many new connections, and began to feel that perhaps my role lies not only in the Clinic but also more widely in education, training, and advocacy for and on behalf of the LBGTIQ+ community.  

What I have realised during this training is that I am called to return to academic research.  A daunting task and right now it seems impossible.  If I got a penny for the number of people who have asked me to get back into research and write a book, I’d be a rich person.   In choosing to do so it is not my life that will be rich… but the lives of my LGBTIQ+ community.   I wonder what doors will now open for me, but I know they will.  Stay tuned.

Thank you  Jason, Joel and PwC who hosted us.  

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