“It’s who I was born to be”.

The shining people of this world, those who seem to have a light that shines from within, who sit in a place of contentment and peace in their lives, are those who have discovered the gift of who they were born to be.  They who sing the song of their hearts are are they who have moved away from the expectations and restrictions of who others say they should be and instead focus on who they can be and called to be.

Many of our clients desire different futures, and often these involve physical and medical changes. To become who we need to be we need to journey, to discover, to be vulnerable, to be open to possibility and change, to take risks, and be courage.

In much of the work we do with clients these are the greater things that they are encouraged to seek out. Transition for us is the same as it is for the dragonfly:  it is a period of change that quickly passes to give birth to irridescent shimmer colour and flights of fancy in every direction  of possibility.  As you grow your wings take the time to discover your special place in this world, beyond the transitions, and celebrate life lived anew, the life you never dreamed could be, a life lived true.   This is the person you were born to be. So find your song, that no one else can quite sing like you, and be one of the beautiful ones.

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