One of the great privileges of my professional life is meeting new clients. Each one brings a unique and beautiful story them of where they have been, how they have come to now, and listening as well to their hopes and dreams for the future.

In recent times I have had the privilege of spending more time with parents and children. Sometimes I get asked why are children, adolescents and young adults all of a sudden coming out as transgender? My answer to this question is because we, as a society, are sending out the message that, like at no time ever before, it is now safer to come out. So it is that young people are taking on the challenge of transitioning.

Such is the first myth: that gender-dysphoria is something mostly experienced by men, who choose to transition later in life. Gender-dysphoria is not about men becoming women, it’s just not true. Gender-dysphoria is found in people born male and female, in children, adolescents and adults.

A real joy for me has been to have the privilege of professional consults with some young transgender men. I have really found them to be beautiful and interesting people with different needs, and different social experiences, than my own journey as a transgender woman. I love being around them.

Recently, I watched a short documentary video the other day about a day in the life of a young transgender man. It beautifully depicts the difficulties experienced living as a gender-diverse person, especially as a young man. Even though few words are said throughout, the final scene, and that smile, says, notwithstanding the hurts and pains, that the joy of transitioning is really worth it, especially when you have some in your life who really do understand.

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