A transgender person I know wrote this today.  It, perhaps, sums up beautifully, eloquently, though disturbingly, our transgender life.   We say these things not for want of pity, but for the saying of truth.

Every day I get up, I shower, I dress, and face the world as a Trans woman.

I know I am lucky as unlike many of my sisters I fly under the radar for the most part. But that is not fair. I have very many beautiful Trans sisters who are remarkable, intelligent, beautiful and with hearts of gold who daily must face the judgemental stare of a transphobic cisgender world. We all know that cisgender aside when they nudge nudge ‘look at the tranny’.

You think we don’t see you?

Of course we do. We know we are Trans, have done so since we were 5 (or thereabouts), we don’t need another reminder from you that we are other, not like you. But that’s the point isn’t it. We never had your cisgender privilege, the confidence that comes with sex / gender synchronicity. We have always been other, even in primary school.

Yet we have survived.  Some have not, for many of us just could no longer suffer your sideways nudge-nudge stares at the tranny any more.

So those of us who do survive are strong, very strong.  We may not look like your stereotype of what a woman should look like, but each day we wake up, shower, dress, and face a world that judges us as other, as less worthy of respect, employment, housing, and safety than most others in our society.

I wonder not what that says about us but what it says about the world you have created.


I wonder indeed.

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  1. Joah Whitty

    Wow so powerful, and so true. I am a transman going through the same thing and struggle daily to try feel as normal as i think i am in a world that makes you question yourself everyday.

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