A friend of mine recently shared this article, originally published Naples Daily News on New Years’ Day, 2017.  Written by family psychologist John Rosemond, it has subsequently been shared over a million times.

When I read it I was really impressed by the author’s insights and courage to write about family life in the way he has.  So many of the problems that drive couples to come for therapy stem from ignoring this truth: that they are the most important people in the family – not their children.

We all (should) know this truth: you cannot care for others unless you care about yourself first.  The safety demonstrations we witness in aircraft prior remind parents that in the instance of a sudden loss of cabin pressure (i.e. the oxygen we need to stay alive) they are to put their own oxygen masks on first.  Then, and only then, attend to the children.  Parents will not be able save their children unless they grasp the truth that they are more important their children:  if their parents lose consciousness the whole family is likely to perish.

I hope you enjoy the read.

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